The Balancing Act Of Feelings

If my life was a film or television program: it would consist of me saying “I need to find emotional balance”… quickly followed by Morgan Freeman’s voice over saying, “Michaela did not find the emotional balance she was looking for”.

For me, I feel as though I am either a dumpster truck of emotion, or closed off. A never ending see-saw that I just want to get off of. So how do we balance our feelings? Only recently have I found a small bit of balance that I have been searching years for.

A number of weeks ago, I opened up about my experience going back on my anxiety medication on social media. I used to be a very open person on social media but I have held back sharing the deepest parts of my feelings with the world wide web. There was a stirring in my heart that my words and experience needed to reach a wider audience. Once I shared the message on my heart- there was such an outpouring of love, support, and individuals sharing their own stories. Never had I been so blown away.


Now, this is not about how all of our big emotional moments need to be shared on social media. I don’t believe that is necessary and frankly it is not healthy. What I do think is important is that people tend to be far more understanding then we give them credit for.

It is always so encouraging when we realize we are not alone. Much of my life has been spent thinking I am misunderstood, but when I finally open up, I realize people are a lot more receptive to the things I struggle with.

What have I learned here? That we shouldn’t let fear of rejection determine any of our choices. I am not going to move forward sharing all my feelings with anyone who will listen, but I will do my best to remain open with those who love and care for me. Yes there will be people that will not understand me and possibly judge me. What is amazing is that there is always more people who are ready to listen, accept and love. Will you choose to be brave with me? Let’s do this!