Books That Impacted Me In 2018

Book sales have been increasing since 2013. People are reading more than we could have ever hoped for in the modern age. This makes me giddy. While I feel as though I go through books slower than ever, I LOVE READING. Like most avid readers, I love the crisp feeling of the pages telling the story. Contrary to some, I do not geek out over old books (I actually hate the smell), but adore getting an amazon package with something new (no not as romantic sounding, but hey we all have our things that make us happy). While books do not tend to impact me as much as film, 2018 was a great year for reading, here are my favorites:


Love Her Wild By: Atticus

The rise of poets in this technical age astounds me and I am here for it. Like most 20 something females, I love Rupi Kaur, but did not read Atticus until last year. This collection of poems is captivating. January 2018 was a month of healing for me, a month where I finally let myself embrace emotions again. This book helped me with that. There are days where I come back to it and feel at piece and inspired.

Finding Audrey By: Sophie Kinsella

Media tries and tries to portray mental illness, and rarely do a good job. When the job is done right, the end result tends to be a dark tale. Finding Audrey tells a story of a girl with terrible social anxiety and the result is light hearted, humorous, respectful, and eye opening. This story helps the invisible feel seen. It is deeply moving and left me with the biggest smile on my face.

The Lonely City By: Olivia Laing

This book was nothing like what I expected. Honestly, I do not want to describe it that much. This is one of those books that you just have to pick up and read. What I will say is that last page moved me to tears and validated my life of being single more than most non-fiction could.


Little Fires Everywhere By: Celeste Ng

Yes, everyone and their mom read this book in 2018, and for good reason. The writing is superb and I could not put it down. What made this an impact-full story more than just a page turner was the questions it leaves you with. When a story makes you thinking about right and wrong long after you are done, you know you’ve read a masterpiece.

Call Me By Your Name By: Andre Aciman

You guys know I loved the film and the book is no different (although it has a few more cringe inducing moments). What I loved about reading the book was how it had much of the conversations that took place in the film, but with so much more. The same points are raised: how we should accept those who are different from us and how we need to allow our souls to feel. Reading these words gave me the same feeling that I get from laying out by a pool for hours: I am able to pause, reflect, and not be concerned about the things that do not matter.