Monthly Movie Roundup: August

Welcome friend, to the first Monthly Movie Roundup! I am beyond excited to start a new monthly series on my blog. If you know me, even a little, you know how much I love movies. Analyzing the stories, praising (or criticizing) the performances, and marveling at the set pieces, are only a few reason why I am obsessed with film. At the end of every month I will be doing a mini round up of the movies I have watched and give you my thoughts. Please feel free to leave any suggestions of movies you think I should include! Alright, grab your popcorn and find out what came across my screens this August:

Sunshine Cleaning


Sunshine Cleaning was a movie that has been on my watchlist for a couple years. Emily Blunt and Amy Adams are some of the best in their craft- plus the concept of two sisters going into the crime clean up business together seemed very appealing. While the experience of watching this with my mom while on a vacation in Savannah was quit enjoyable, I couldn’t help but feel very “meh” about this movie. There’s nothing inherently “wrong” here- it’s just pretty forgettable. The characters are fine and parts can be heartwarming, but by the time the credits were rolling I had already been planning dinner in my head.

The Hole In The Ground


I did some research on this movie before watching it and I noticed it didn’t have great user reviews. But let me tell you: I loved this movie. It was creepy, atmospheric, and left the viewer to their own imagination. Some may have complained that this movie is just a poor mans Babadook, but I don’t really see anything wrong with that. If you’re looking for a scary movie that isn’t THAT scary, I think this is a great choice.



When this movie first came out I was very excited (and scared) to watch it in the theater. The scared part of me took over and I read spoilers before I could make it to the theater. Needless to say the plot alone spooked me enough to keep me from seeing this movie. One afternoon in the beginning of August I decided to finally give Hereditary a try. It was bright outside and I watched it on my laptop. Despite all of these factors this movie still scared me out of my mind. Every moment of every scene felt so real. Hereditary brings you in to all of the trauma and terror each character faces. This movie will not be everyone’s cup of tea but as far as horror films go I believe this one is as perfect as they come.

I hope you enjoyed the first Monthly Movie Roundup! Stayed tuned for September because I have a feeling it will be a really great month for movies!