Monthly Movie Roundup: September

September has come to a close! I went into September thinking it would be an incredible month for movies… while it wasn’t horrible, it wasn’t what I hoped it would be. With that said, I still believe September was a good teaser for the great months of movies to come! (Hello awards season) Here are my top picks for movies I saw this past month:

Peanut Butter Falcon:


I think it is near impossible to find a movie that could please everyone: but Peanut Butter Falcon might be that movie. I caught this in the theater in a bit of a whim. I had nothing to do one afternoon and hopped in the car and drove to the theater in the middle of a torrential down poor. The drive was absolutely worth it. This movie is incredible. The storytelling is original, you care about the characters and you walk out feeling like a better person. I commend anyone who can make a movie that allows any type of audience to truly feel something. Peanut Butter Falcon accomplished what it set out to do.

It: Chapter 2


I was counting down the days until September, impatiently waiting for It: Chapter 2. Chapter 1, in my option, is as perfect as a movie gets. I loved it when I saw in theaters in 2017 and I highly doubt that will change. It pains me to say this… but It: Chapter 2 isn’t amazing. Did I still love it? Absolutely. But more in the way you love that extended family member that you don’t get along with. You love it no matter what. This film is good, but it’s not as great as the first, there’s no way it could be. Many storylines felt rushed and the scares were much more predictable. Still, major props to Bill Hader for stealing the show. He’s definitely worth the price of admission.



This was another “good, not great” movie. The set up is fascinating. Knowing a lot of what took place actually happened adds a new layer to your viewing experience. To me, I think Hustlers was another situation of setting my expectations too high. I was a little disappointed. Hustlers is still well done but the tone is a lot more serious and somber than I think a lot of people would expect.

Ad Astra


The last movie of September was a good one. Now, I think a lot of people will probably not like this movie. There are no thrills, not much action, and (Spoiler) Liv Tyler’s role is basically a glorified cameo. But this movie has a lot to say. There is something to acknowledge when an actor (Brad Pitt) plays a role in a way that is so understated, yet they still pull at the viewers emotions. Looking back on this movie, I am reminded of so many lines that came from Pitt. Each phrase is so thought out. His character is an intentional man, he won’t waist his time with surface level statements. Every piece of his dialogue has layers and a deep purpose. If you are willing to be patient and contemplative, you will love this movie.

That was my month in movies! What were your thoughts on some of these films? Let me know what you think I should watch in October: I am looking forward to seeing Joker and a few Netflix originals.

As always, thanks for reading!