Why I Am Grateful To My Younger Self

Tomorrow’s my birthday, the day I reach 24 trips around the sun. If you know me you know how much I love birthday’s and how much I generally love celebration. When this time of year hits, I enjoy the cliche of looking at where I was and where I am now. However there are moments where I can look at my younger self and not always feel the warmest feelings. There are times when I can think back to my past and feel more shame instead of gratitude. But shame is ugly and I’d rather not associate that word with any part of me. So when I was thinking of what kind of “Birthday Blog” I should do, I began to think about expressing gratitude to who I used to be. Once you are done reading this I encourage you to practice this with yourself. In honor of my birthday here are 24 reason why I am grateful to my younger self:


  1. She reminds me that God keeps all of His promises

  2. Her humor has only improved with time

  3. She’s made me smarter

  4. She’s made me stronger

  5. She felt the bad stuff and in order for me to feel peace today

  6. Every day she worked hard to be the best version of herself that she could possibly be

  7. She made great friends

  8. She took chances

  9. Her heart never stopped loving despite feeling rejection

  10. Her personality made me realize I like who I am becoming

  11. She cried a lot and I’m better today because of that

  12. She traveled

  13. She helped people

  14. She wrote even when people told her she wasn’t a good writer

  15. Her memories make me laugh

  16. She was never embarrassed about her never ending love for dogs

  17. She chose to seek out new City’s that lead to many opportunities

  18. She taught me to not take myself too seriously

  19. She tried sports- confirming to my present self that I truly don’t like them (haha)

  20. She wore her heart on her sleeve

  21. She always learned something from a bad situation

  22. She taught me how to be stylish

  23. She took never shut the door on our passions

  24. If it wasn’t for her- I wouldn’t have the freedom I do today.

    Let’s celebrate who we’ve been and all we have learned. What “thank you’s” do you have to give to your younger self?