When life gets in the way of blessings

“Count your blessings and you will start to lose count.”

The first time I heard this quote my mind was blown. I texted about twenty people sharing it with them and felt so high on life and Jesus I knew nothing could bring me down. Fast forward about five years and this phrase, to me, has become nothing but a quote you would find on a coaster purchased at a Cracker Barrel- meaningful but over used.

Lately I have been very blessed, but I haven’t been acting like it. Jesus would bless me with something that had been prayed over for many months, and there was hardly any time spent basking in this great gift. Instead I would move onto the next thing, thinking: “yeah this is great but I still need X in order to fulfill Y and Z”. Now this is common for someone with anxiety, but this did not need to be my life.


The other day I was driving home from the gym. Normally some sort of noise must be playing before I even start driving but then I thought: “Don’t put in music or a podcast- talk to Jesus.” The fact that this had become sort of forgein to me made me sad, but felt refreshing once I began. It is always awkward knowing where to start when we talk to God, so I just began to thank Him for me recent blessings. I could sense The Lord saying - “Look at how I provided for you in your time of need, don’t worry I can work miracles more than a few times.”

The point is I need to stop trying to control all of my outcomes. It is such a relief knowing we do not have to have it all figured out. My goal is to stop myself when I get into future planning mode, and look at my present and thank God for bringing me to where I am. Trying to control everything only leaves us tired- and most of us do not have enough time for naps. ❤️