International Women's Day: A Thank You Letter

Dear (female friends,family, cashiers, baristas,strangers,acquaintances, film makers, artists, musicians, co workers, get the idea),

Happy International Women's Day! I am so thankful for everything you have done. I wanted to show my thanks to you because no matter how much or little we know each other, you've changed my life. Here I have included just a small portion of what you have done for me and for the world. I hope you know how much you mean to me. You are truly one of a kind.



Thank you for bringing me soup when I was too sick to leave the house.

Thank you for giving more than half the closet because you knew how much I loved my clothes.


Thank you for driving 20 minutes out of your way to have lunch with me when I didn't have access to a car.

Thank you for opening two sets of doors for me when my hands were full and I was running late to class.


Thank you for crying with me when a death left my heart broken.

Thank you for calling me on your way home from work once a week just to check in.

Thank you for all the letters, cards, and packages.


Thank you for teaching me to not "love the sinner and hate the sin" but to simply love.

Thank you for eating McDonald's on my bed with me while we drank hard cider and telling me it will get better. 

Thank you for always pointing out my strengths and reminding me that my weaknesses do not make me lesser than. 

Thank you for introducing me to your friends.

Thank you for making movies.


Thank you for writing your book.

Thank you for singing something so personal in front of a bunch of people who hurt you.

Thank you for opening your home to me.


Thank you for raising amazing sons.

Thank you for raising amazing daughters.

Thank you for showing me its okay to not smile.


Thank you for reminding me to love my body.

Thank you for reminding me its okay to be sad. 

Thank you for bringing me breakfast when I opened at work.


Thank you for making me your maid of honor.

Thank you for making me your bridesmaid.

Thank you for laughing at my stupid jokes. 

IMG_8175 (1).JPG

Thank you for supporting my dreams.

Thank you for stopping me at church so you could pray for me.

Thank you for always making me feel special every time I ordered food from you. 

Thank you for all those times you made me a cup of coffee.


Thank you for loving...for speaking life into this dark world. Thank you for not giving up. My life is a million times better because of you. Your kindness has changed the world, so one more time I will say...Thank you.