Why I Love Movies

Thank you to those who listened to me as I've geeked out about movies over the years. You are the best.

Stories. We all love them. We love to tell stories, we love to listen to stories, we love to create stories. The same goes with art. To me, movies are the perfect combination of both. 

If you know me even a little bit, you know I could talk your ear off for hours about the latest movie I have seen. But my love for movies cannot be explained in just a passing conversation. So I thought... why not write a blog post about it. 

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There was a time in my life when anything except a romantic comedy scared the living daylights out of me. I avoided anything that was even remotely scary because I would be up for days. Then a counselor I saw many years ago gave me some homework: watch a scary movie because it could help me deal with my anxiety. I went home and told my brother we needed to watch a scary movie together (He was pretty excited as I never watched movies he liked with him). So we watched Signs (Yes I know...not exactly a scary movie but I needed to start small). After the credits rolled and I noticed I didn't feel like I was about to die... I decided I wanted to explore the world of cinema outside of cheesy romantic comedies.  


And no I didn't go binge watch all of the Saw films, but I came to a realization. A well made film is all about psychology. The more good quality films I saw (because this wasn't about watching only scary movies)...the more I was shown this. Each film has a specific color pallet that makes the human body feel different emotions. Each film score hits certain notes that cause release of different chemicals in our brain. Yet a film can act as a mirror for different viewers. When we look at ourselves in a mirror we see one thing while the person next to us sees something different, even though they are looking at the same person. Film is the same way. We can all view the same content yet most people will interpret this differently. I find it incredible that millions of people can interpret a moving picture a million different ways. 

A film can act as a film makers own diary or therapy session. They use characters, color, dialogue and music to get their feelings out into the world.  So many of these artist have a message they want to put out into the world and they all have their own style of doing so. I think Greta Gerwig said it best when she said "People need to make movies about the important questions that require long answers." A movie is a medium where hundreds of artists are bearing their heart and soul. What a unique and incredible way to get a message across. 


I love what a film can teach us when we view it through the right lens. I learned from The Shape of Water that loneliness can drive you to the deepest form of compassion. The Babadook taught me that grief is hard to let go of, even if we may think we do not want it. About Time showed me that we need to take each and every moment by faith and it will all turn out well in the end. Movies can be a beautiful thing. I see them like a famous work of art sitting in a New York museum. They deserve to be observed, analyzed, and appreciated. 

Thank you to those who read until the end, and lets have a conversation about the movies you love.