23 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self.

This month I am turning 23. I absolutely love this month. I love the smell of spring and the anticipation of being able to celebrate with loved ones when that special day comes. Other peoples birthday's are one of my favorite things in the world so the excitement only increases when my turn roles around. Yet despite all that, there is always a certain level of stress that can come with turning a year older. I have felt that in years past, but looking back I see I had nothing to worry about. Many times I wish I could talk to myself when I was younger...so instead, in honor of my birthday month, here are 23 things I would tell my younger self:


1. Wearing make up is not bad, and doesn't make you a shallow person. Same goes with fashion and shopping. 

2. Remember you do not always have to fix everything. Let your life be a mess for a little bit. This does not mean you're a failure. 

3. Availability does not equal friendship. 

4. Stop going on bread and pasta fasts. Its not worth it.

5. Its okay to be friends with your parents. 

6. Its okay to break up with friends.

7. Never be embarrassed or ashamed by your past choices.

8. Your pant size is just a number.

9. Stop trying to fit into your old clothes when they make you feel uncomfortable. You'll be back in them one day. 

10. Remember to receive grace. 

11. Sometimes you need to be selfish. 

12. 27 Dresses is not that great of a movie and you really don't need to watch it so much.


13. Stand up for yourself. 

14. You're mom is a lot smarter than you

15. Risks are always worth it. 

16. Scary movies are more fun than Rom Coms.

17. Her success is not your failure. Celebrate the victories of others.

18. People will show you they care in different ways than you would show them, and that is a good thing. 

19. There is nothing The Office and eating ice cream can't fix. 

20. Never try to avoid being sad, with great pain comes even grater joy. 

21.  Take all the personality and love language tests, then make your friends take it.

22. Be faithful to every process.

23. I love you.

I hope you all have a happy Tuesday. You're killing it and I'm proud of who you were and who you are.