Films That Impacted Me In 2018

Each year is an open door for an infinite amount of movies. While the relationship was short lived, I spent many nights with my boyfriend, Mr. Movie Pass, in 2018. He kept me sane during the many rough days I had at the beginning of the new year (Was the start of 2018 way worse than the rest of the year for anyone else?) There were many solo movie dates I embarked on, mostly to catch up for the 2018 Oscars. Yet I walked away greatly impacted by some incredible movies:


5. The Shape of Water

Okay, technically this came out in 2017 but I saw it in the theater in 2018. Initially when I saw this film, I was too taken aback by the odd nature of the plot. After the second viewing though, I fell completely in love with this film. Yes, the plot is not easy to relate to (no I am not in love with a merman), but the movie as a whole can easily touch the hearts of many. The Shape of Water’s beauty is found in it’s themes; sometimes the loneliest of people are the most kind with the most to offer this world, and there are always people who will fight for what is good and right.

4. The Haunting of Hill House

Yes, this is a television series…but this is my own list so I am going to cheat. This horror series was probably the most well put together television show…maybe ever (YOU GUYS, THE EDITING). While in my opinion this show is technically perfect, the themes left a deep mark. No, when I was little I did not experience tragedy at the level of these characters, nor did I see ghosts. What stuck out to me though was how this show subtly relates to spiritual and mental trauma. Many of us go through things that are hard to explain to the people we love (i.e. emotional and mental pain). Wounds that are not physical can only be felt inside the heads of those who are hurting. While that is next to impossible for the people around us to see, that does not mean they are not real.

3. A Star Is Born


When the trailers for this film came out, I honestly thought A Star Is Born would be terrible. But it was far from that. Seeing how each character was affected by addiction and human brokenness was powerful, but seeing how people loved beyond imperfections had an even greater power. The Ally and Jack relationship isn’t anything I aspire to have but the scene where (Spoiler) Ally visits Jack in rehab really stuck out to me. She arrives with open arms, and forgives without question. Ally doesn’t excuse Jacks mistakes but reminds him that he is loved. Their story is tragic, but a good reminder that there is always something to live for and fight for.

2. Love Simon


Finally a teen “rom-com” that wasn’t riddled with cliches and terrible acting. I kid you not, every time I watch this movie my heart feels warm. The story is beautiful and full of depth. While the storyline doesn’t resemble my own life, it isn’t hard to learn from Love Simon. Sorry to sound cliched as I talk about this movie, but every time it just makes me feel loved. Never have I watched a movie that could make anyone watching it feel validated and important. No matter what their walk of life may be. This film is a hug, and that’s all I can really say about it.

1. Won’t You Be My Neighbor


Call Me by Your Name isn’t on here because I’ve already written about it twice, so I have to give my top spot to Won’t You Be My Neighbor. What can I say about this that has not already been said? It is perfect in every way. As mentioned a few blogs back, I watched this alone, in a theater, and cried for a good hour afterwords. During the time of my viewing, I was in a creative rut, I was beyond discouraged. What makes this film so good is that it does not shy away from the bad. Mr. Rogers wasn’t perfect and he certainly wasn’t always happy. Yet, he never stopped believing in making the world better. This wasn’t because of his own abilities, but because of his faith and the love of those around him. Those last few minutes of the film will never stop wrecking me in the best way possible.

Honorable Mentions:


Goodbye Christopher Robin


A Quiet Place