For Those In A Dry Spell

“Going through the motions” is such a simple phrase that has roots as deep and intertwined as Red Woods. It’s right up there with “Oh I’m fine!”. These words sound simple and are often brushed passed, but the mouth they are spoken from is hurting. People have clung to these phrases for years. Many see it as the only way to let people know how they are because any more words would cause a break down. For those who relate to this all to well, remember your dry spell is not a death sentence and there are tangible ways to move forward.


November is known to be a month where people get really depressed (yes November depression is a thing). Mostly this correlates to Seasonal Affective Disorder (aka sad: queue The Office reference) but I believe this goes beyond cold weather.

These past few days in Florida have been very grey. Not quiet cold but just grey. The days are getting dark early and I find myself feeling less than inspired. Spending days living in ruts is not how we were meant to live. So how do we move out of these dry spells?

First I think its important to remember our truths; for me I have to remind myself that God has made me creative for a reason and my view of things matter. Especially with this month being thanksgiving (but really should be done everyday), I practice gratitude in whatever way I can. The phrase “Start counting your blessings and you’ll begin to lose count” is very true. Even when a lot is going wrong, there is a lot of good that stays the same. That is a truth we cannot forget.


When we go through the motions we don’t feel good. The same thing keeps repeating itself day after day and it feels like nothing will ever change. So add a new motion! This can be as simple as switching up what you eat for breakfast, or what you put in your coffee. Listen to different music on your way to work…or don’t listen to music at all! Imagine how much better we’d all feel if we incorporated something new into our lives each day? We all know most of our life is beyond our control, so incorporate small things that you can control.

When I am in a dry spell and gravitate towards isolation. Even typing that word makes me shudder. Pulling away from the world is such a dangerous thing, yet so easy to do. I think it is important for all of us to be honest with ourselves as well as each other. Admitting you do not have it all together is a good thing, but we need to stop keeping that to ourselves. Be honest with those you love and ride the dry spell out together.

As you continue your week I encourage you to try a few things. First: Write down three things you are thankful for. Second: Call a friend and ask them about their day. Third: Treat yourself in some way shape or form. Buy yourself ice cream, go to the movies, make a crazy good dinner. And finally; remind yourself that you do not need to wait for the next thing to live the most joy filled life. There are no sure fire ways to fix a rut, but there are always ways to add a little spark back into your life.

“The resistance is always fiercest on the borderline of breakthrough” Stephen Furtick