When Hard Work Doesn't Pay Off

It has been weeks since I have written something. My days have consisted of waking up early and passing out by 9:15pm. Everything in between has been life moving forward. I am beyond thankful. When I initially forced myself to sit down and write (on a topic I had chosen weeks ago), I felt stuck. Nothing in my heart felt connected to what I had planned on writing about. Not to say it may not connect next week or the week after, but I think The Lord was being very clear that I needed to write about something else.

This season I have spent a lot of time reflecting. It has been almost a year since I graduated college, as well as about a year since I started this blog. Well I am beyond thankful for the many joys that continue to fill my life, I sit here frustrated. The world is filled with people working towards the greater good and chasing their dreams yet, for many, nothing happens. This saddens me. The other day I worked my butt off for a project and did not see the pay off that was equal to the hours I put into it. I know people who have spent years refining skills, reaching out to people, loving with all they have and still end up receiving less than what they have given.


Sometimes I want to revert back to my childlike self a scream at God “life is so unfair!!!”. Why do so many hardworking people not get what they deserve?

But here is the thing I need to remind myself: If I sat down and began writing every blessing I have ever received and would never be able to stop writing. Now many of you have heard this notion many times before, so have I. What has been a shift for me is the revelation as to why I am so blessed. Each joy The Lord has placed in my life has nothing to do with how hard I did or did not work. The blessings in my life are all about the fact that my life itself is a gift from God.


Someone had mentioned to me once: If you ever decide to go back to school you should do it. Even if you are fifty years old and want to go for your Masters then PhD. The reason why is that, even if you go to school the rest of your life and never start your dream job; Each day was spent working towards something important.

Now maybe not all of us want to go back to school, but I believe we all should live our lives this way. Each new day is a gift, so why would we not treat that as such? Even if you feel like your efforts are never acknowledged or rewarded, keep working hard. That is what living a life looking forward means. The moment we stop trying is the moment we begin to live in the past. So be present and keep your eyes on what is yet to come.