Self Care Saved My Life: Part 1

To Kristin A.: Thank you for always reminding me to Self Care. 

I am one of the many human beings that deals with constant anxiety on a weekly basis. My heart rate is elevated about seventy-five percent of my day and if it was not for afternoon naps, those moments would be occupied by a mental breakdown given by yours truly. 

This is not a secret: life is just kinda wack. We all feel it. As a 22 year old with slight chemical imbalance in her brain, I feel that craziness at hyper speed within a span of about 20 seconds. Does this mean I have it worse than most people? Not necessarily. Does this mean how I feel is how everyone with an anxiety disorder feels? Not at all. 

Honestly, despite how "extreme" the first paragraph may sound, I am very pleased with how far my health has progressed in the right direction. Not just pleased, I'm extremely proud of the woman I've become, despite some crap circumstance. 

Michaela (30 of 51).JPG

As I look back on my mental health journey, there have been a few key things that have helped me, but one that sticks out to me is self care. Some of you probably just rolled your eyes, and honestly I did to at first. I would think to myself that no amount of relaxing or extra hygiene practices could impact my mental state. Therefore it would be a waist of my time. Wow was I wrong. 

There have been certain practices I have implemented that, over time, became a routine (more on that later). Self Care is not the end all be all solution to a panic attack, but putting yourself first a little more can change your world a lot more than you may think. 

If you rolled your ankle you would ice it. There are other parts of your being that are begging for the same kind of attention. 

Next week I will talk about specific things we can do to take care of our mental health.