2018: Conforming with a Twist.

These days it seems as though everyone is starting a blog. Young girls now say their dream is to be a "Youtuber" instead of a Veterinarian or a Princess. For years I had this desire to start my own blog but always stopped because it was something that everyone else did.

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Most of my life I have gone back and forth between doing what everyone else did or fighting against the norm. Those times when I tried to "go against the tides" became ridiculous because there really was no reason behind it.  Rarely was it a rebellion for a purpose but rebelling just because I felt like it. I have been the classic example of the obnoxious individual who would always say "Oh I listened to that before it was cool" or "I watched that show before it was cool."  Now I ask myself... why on earth does that matter?  Why does a unique song or entertaining show become less "good" because it is getting noticed? When a number of people jump on the same bandwagon we are not all becoming the same. Humans are not robots, therefore, we perceive and express differently.  So yeah, maybe people are just now discovering bands I have been listening to for years, but I know it is impacting them in a different way. What a blessing to be able to share art like that and have it influence us through many different lenses. 

Yes, many people are starting blogs and yes, maybe I am hopping on a band wagon. But what my friend over there writes will be different than what I write. And what the individual across the globe writes will impact a different person than the audience I may reach. 

I look forward to going on this journey with you all. Thank you in advance for taking this step with me. Lets crank some old tunes, grab a cup of coffee, and learn how we can change the world in the same (but different) way.